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“We love our new electric bikes from JigaWatt Cycles. The electric motors effectively flatten the hills allowing us to ride further with less strain. It instantly turned our 20-30 mile bike rides into 40-50 mile bike rides! We took our new bikes to California and we were able to ride much further up and down the coast than we ever have before. We love our bikes! Our children are jealous! :)”

Mike & Lorena T. Highland

“Buying an electric bike is one of the best purchases I ever made! (And after much research I can say that JigaWatt Cycles is by FAR the most affordable way to do it.) I commute a few days a week by bike, and when I’m tired after a long work day, being able to just coast home is the best, especially up huge hills! I can use the electricity if I want or not at the touch of a button. I’m never going back to a regular bike.”

Michaelann B. Provo

“I took my bicycle in for a retrofit two weeks ago. I am loving the difference. I’ve been out for 10 rides since the retrofit. Going up State Street from Provo to Orem or up Bulldog to the BYU campus still gives me a bit of a workout, but I can keep decent speed on the way up. I also love the little boost I get when starting to pedal. I’m very happy with Myles and JigaWatt Cycles”

Charles L. Provo

“Thanks so very much! You have no idea how much living you have put into my life. Have a wonderful day.”

Annette G. Springville

“I LOVE my electric bike! I love to ride to work when the weather is nice but the ride home is up hill and in the heat. I was not in good enough shape to make it home. With the electric bike, I could ride to work and then have “help” to get home. By the time the weather had cooled off in the afternoons I had built up enough leg power of my own to ride to and from work without the power boost. I’m loving the extended fall weather so I can continue to ride. The best bike I have ever purchased!”

Jackie K. Orem

“I love my electric bike from JigaWatt Cycles!!  I live on the side of a mountain and never thought I would be able to enjoy bike riding again.  The electric boost helps with the uphill climb when I need it.  It’s a simple push of the button when I need extra power and I still get a good workout but it’s in my control.  To this 60+ year old, biking is fun again!!”

Nancy Elk Ridge

“A few months ago, I enjoyed my first experience with an electric bike in Canada.  I loved it!  I came home and investigated every bike shop in Utah Valley and online.  I found JigaWatt Cycles to be the best value for my money and the easiest to control.  Thank you, JigaWatt Cycles, I love my bike!!”

Julie Elk Ridge

“One of mom’s legs has lost a lot of strength in the past few years. Mom has a grin from ear to ear now that she is able to ride her trike again not worrying if she is slowing the other members of the group. Her confidence has skyrocketed since she is able to pedal as much or as little as she wants and not be worried that she’ll be too tired.
Mom has been able to explore the bike trails along the Wasatch Front, many that she had never experienced before. She has completed many 20 mile bike ride since getting her trike motorized. Motorizing her ride has enabled mom to experience many fun filled family outings that she thought she would never be able to experience again.”

Clint C. Kaysville

“I always enjoy using my electric bike, especially when there’s a need for a second vehicle. And it’s also nice that it is just as ‘street legal’ as a regular bicycle. The feeling of riding around under power but without burning gasoline is, well, FUN!
Thanks, JigaWatt.”

Chris C. West Valley

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